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Exiting a Business

Whether it be retirement or plans to start a new business venture, there comes a point in every business owner’s life when they wish to cash in on their equity and/or wish to work in it less. While some business owners may choose to close down the company and distribute the funds and assets, others may instead choose to pass it onto the next generation of key staff or family members.

By taking into account you and your company’s circumstances and your intentions for the future, PD Tax can identify the most tax efficient route for your exit and consider the availability of any reliefs, such as Entrepreneurs’ Relief.

We can assist in the completion of all the necessary paperwork to facilitate the plan or can work with other professional advisors if appropriate.


It may be that you are considering altering the share capital in your company, reorganising a group of companies, or looking at looking at protecting company assets by inserting a new holding company.

In terms of disposing of a business, a sale may be structured by a sale of the shares to another individual or corporate entity, or alternatively via a sale of assets held by the business.

It is important that prior to undertaking a reorganisation that you receive comprehensive tax advice to ensure that the transaction is commercial and that you will not be charged with unexpected and unwelcome tax bills.

PD Tax have helped many clients navigate the complex rules in this area. Taking into account all the relevant taxes and the commercial implications of the reorganisation, we have worked with our clients to ensure that they achieve the best result.